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Journey Within – MP3 Download



Relaxation Music

Chris Handley developed Journey Within in 2004.

Since the development of Journey Within Chris Handley has found peace and relaxation through the music that has been produced.

Creating this type of music takes more then just a few chord progressions, but a divine inspiration from the creator above.

The method that he has found and has been bless upon him, is the practice of meditation and prayer. His recording session typically begins with a prayer of blessing over the music and our area around him, starting with a simple string sound for focus and Chris will begin to play the first note or chord, this will begin the down flow of synergy.

The music he performs is focused on many aspects of healing from relaxing to stress relief, his commitment to healing all who listen to his music has inspired him to continually play and record.

Chris Handley is truly dedicated to the art of healing through music.
Through the tones and vibrations created we can find peace, serenity,
inspiration, and above all the true person residing within ourselves.
We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as he did creating it.